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FASTyle 2.3 - Shade - 2014-09-12


FASTyle is an all-in-one suite which dramatically improves and speeds up assets management, including templates, stylesheets and javascripts. FASTyle is equipped with a powerful editor and asset manager, giving you fine control over theming development in a single browser tab.

[Image: wdl1Cmp.png]

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RE: FASTyle - Eric - 2014-09-14

This is fantastic! Really the ultimate time-saver for me personally. You're the man Shade. Big Grin

RE: FASTyle - Eric - 2014-09-18

There are a couple of inconsistent errors I've been experiencing. Sometimes the template won't save until I navigate back to it from the template list. No big deal though, it's already sped up my workflow 10x haha.

RE: FASTyle - Shade - 2014-09-18

It may be caused by temporary slowdowns of your server. I've never experienced it in my early tests, but it might happen that the request does not end well.

RE: FASTyle - alv4 - 2014-09-21

This seems useful

RE: FASTyle - Eric - 2014-10-10

Hey Shade, any chance you could add a little JS to make Ctrl + S save the current template/style as well?

RE: FASTyle - Omar G. - 2014-10-23

Seems like the following is not valid to this plugin:
<?=str_replace('<!--__POSTBIT_THEAD-->', '<div class="thead" title="'.$lang->forum_announcement.'">
		<a href="{$mybb->settings[\'bburl\']}/{$GLOBALS[\'threadurl\']}">'.$lang->forum_announcement.'</a>
</div>', $announcement)?>

RE: FASTyle - Shade - 2014-10-24

@Eric: sure, I'm quite busy at the moment but I will accomplish your request as fast as possible.

@Omar: I don't understand your issue. Does it display an error when saving a template with that snippet of code (which anyway should not be inserted into a template)?

RE: FASTyle - Omar G. - 2014-10-24

The code is a valid code if using Template Conditionals, however, this plugin refreshes the page instead of saving the template.

RE: FASTyle - Shade - 2014-10-24

I see. I will check this out ASAP as well.