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Square theme - eNvy - 2014-09-17

[Image: WNeGYPU.png]


Square is a minimalistic theme, renewed for MyBB 1.8 series.

You can find a lot of details, animated forums, sidebars, news and more with jQuery technology, and of course, all squared.

Tested in the latest Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox versions.

And all of this... free!


[Image: UQEf3XN.png]

[Image: 9Z5ucuZ.png]

[Image: 4V3TFfv.png]
[Image: DXyb5ch.png]

[Image: HfnABFl.png]


Square is 100% free, you can delete, modify or change anything you want, except the credits for MyBB, MyBB Team and also my own work.

If you respect my work, I'm sure you don't gonna do that.


You can ask for support here on this thread.


Hope you like it and if you see any error or bug, please report them in the correct section.

RE: Square theme - Vanz - 2014-09-17

Nice theme


RE: Square theme - Darth Apple - 2014-09-17

Very nice, love the header!

RE: Square theme - eNvy - 2014-09-17

Thanks both!

I will check now that captcha thing Toungue.

Edit: I test and the image appears... can you try again? Someone else can confirm this?

RE: Square theme - iAndrew - 2014-09-17

Nice theme and site mate.

captcha worked fine here for me

RE: Square theme - eNvy - 2014-09-17

Thanks iAndrew!

Don't know why Vanz can't see the captcha, but it seems to work...

RE: Square theme - ThePanda - 2014-09-17


Thank you very much for releasing such an amazing theme for free.

I'm new to MyBB, so could you please let me know the steps to update the "news" section in header and "about us" section in the footer.

Also how to edit the url in "Latest Activity" so that it links to the last post instead of the first post.

RE: Square theme - eNvy - 2014-09-17

News are in header template, go to ACP > Templates & Styles > Templates > Square templates > Header and open header template.

Inside you will se something like this:

<div class="news">
    <div class="announcements"><i class="fa fa-microphone fa-2x"></i></div>
        <div class="automsj">
                <li class="quotes">¡Welcome to Square Theme!</li>
                <li class="quotes">This news are in header template.</li>
                <li class="quotes">Please ignore this message.</li>

If you want to change, add or remove, play with the <li> tags

<li class="quotes">¡Welcome to Square Theme!</li>

Simply modify this, or copy the entire line and paste below each other and that's all.

For the footer, the same... ACP > bla bla bla > Square templates > Footer and open footer template.

Search for this:

<div class="one">
    <h3>About us</h3>
    <p>Im in footer template.</p>
    <p>Fill me with text pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.</p>
    <p>Fill me with text pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.</p>
    <p>Fill me with text pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.</p>
    <p>Fill me with text pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.</p>

The same as news, edit, add, remove what you want from there.

Latest activity works importing data from the portal to the index, in MyBB portal you have the latest thread/posts of the forum, the only thing I do is import that data from one side to another. You can play with the config. in ACP > Configuration > Portal Settings, you can:

-Show Latest Discussions (Yes or No)
-Number of latest discussions to show (The number, I recommend 5)
-Forums to exclude latest discussions from (You can exclude forums if you want to display only the latest threads/posts only from "X" forums)

I think if you want to display the last post you need a plugin for that... sorry, I'm not a programmer.

P.D.: I give a support link, please use that next time.

Greetings, thanks to all!

RE: Square theme - Sqveeze - 2014-09-17

This theme is another amazing job, but i think i like the Unlimited one a bit more Smile Thanks for your work btw Smile

RE: Square theme - eNvy - 2014-09-17

Yeah, I like unlimited too... maybe after business something dark-related will come :O!