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RE: Recent Threads On Index - fredzy - 07-12-2015

(07-11-2015, 11:47 AM)christbobby Wrote: Hello!
i just downloaded the plugin for recent post on index, hoe do i install it?
do i have to upload it to my cpanel?
Please Help!
i need it please
Reply via mail : <- snip ->

Please have upload it but can find it among my plugins
Upload it through ftp
To inc/plugins

So how do I change the thread link from last post to first post I want users to read the thread starter and not the last post

RE: Recent Threads On Index - dragonexpert - 07-13-2015

Go to this line:
$threadlink = get_thread_link($thread['tid'], "", "newpost");

Change it to
$threadlink = get_thread_link($thread['tid'], "");

RE: Recent Threads On Index - Sjokomelk - 07-13-2015

Is is it possible to use this to show recent posts on an external web page? If so, how?


RE: Recent Threads On Index - fredzy - 07-13-2015

It worked, thanks

RE: Recent Threads On Index - jager287 - 07-17-2015

Hey guys,

I've been looking into this for a few days now and thought maybe someone here could answer this question better for me. I've been trying to figure out a way to get recent threads to list by prefix; not to sort them, but to have whichever prefix value I enter as being true spit out listed threads. So if I had a prefix called "Unresolved" my recent threads list would only show threads with that prefix.

Would this be accomplished by using joins? Any and all help would be appreciated!! Thanks a bunch in advance Smile

RE: Recent Threads On Index - dragonexpert - 07-18-2015

If you look up the prefix id, you can edit this line:
WHERE 1=1 $where AND t.visible > {$approved} {$unsearchableforumssql} {$ignoreforums}

Change it to:
WHERE 1=1 AND t.prefix='x' $where AND t.visible > {$approved} {$unsearchableforumssql} {$ignoreforums}

Replace x with the prefix id.

RE: Recent Threads On Index - jager287 - 07-19-2015


Thank you soooooooooo much, this worked perfectly!

RE: Recent Threads On Index - expat - 09-21-2015

so all the forum restrictions are implemented in this plugin?

RE: Recent Threads On Index - ecirbaf - 10-08-2015

Is it possible for this plugin to show the threads with unread posts in bold text like most of the thread listings do by default?

I can edit the php just fine, but is that a variable that's already in the SQL query somewhere?

Why not use linked forums instead of plain text forum names in the third column?

Line ~296
    $thread['forum']  = '<a href="'.get_forum_link($thread['fid']).'">'.($forums[$thread['fid']]['name']).'</a>';

It seems the plugin doesn't take in account the forum permissions.

It checks for "unsearchable forums" and "unviewable forums" but it doesn't seem to consider the user's group and forum permissions. This is a problem if you have, say, a "moderator only" subforum that only mods should be able to see.

The following seems to work, to hide threads from forums that user can not view:

  $onlyusfids        = array();
$onlycanview = array(); //ADD THIS


  foreach ($group_permissions as $fid => $forum_permissions)
    if ($forum_permissions['canonlyviewownthreads'] == 1)
      $onlyusfids[] = $fid;
    // ADD THESE
    if ($forum_permissions['canview'] == 0)
      $onlycanview[] = $fid;

  if (!empty($onlyusfids))
    $where .= "AND ((t.fid IN(" . implode(',', $onlyusfids) . ") AND t.uid='{$mybb->user['uid']}') OR t.fid NOT IN(" . implode(',', $onlyusfids) . "))";

if (!empty($onlycanview)) {
  $where .= "AND (t.fid NOT IN(" . implode(',', $onlycanview) . "))";

RE: Recent Threads On Index - holyshit - 10-28-2015

Is there any way for users to filter post how they want it ? This could be a suggestion for new version also Big Grin