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Admin user activation bugs - bignslow - 2014-10-10

I have MYBB setup so admin has to approve all new registrations. I had a spammer register which I banned by IP and username before approving registration request. Yet my forum banner at the top still says "There is 1 account awaiting activation. Please go to your ACP to activate the users." When I go to look up users awaiting activation no users come up.

Second issue is more of an annoyance than a bug. When I approve new registration I get taken back to the search screen which says "The following errors were encountered:
  • No users were found matching the specified search criteria. Please modify your search criteria and try again."
I find this a little annoying and misleading. Shouldn't there be some sort of a confirmation that the user has been approved?

RE: Admin user activation bugs - Jones H - 2014-10-10