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RE: - Leefish - 2015-02-20

Nice layout - very plain which I like. Hiding info on mobile is definitely one way to make the board responsive, though the header links are still wrapping - maybe look at putting a responsive menu in there?

RE: - Lennart Sauter - 2015-02-21

Thank you Leefish!

I wanted to keep the header close to the original one from MyBB but you are right, responsive might be better here. I'd go for the bootstrap default navbar, what do you think?

RE: - Lennart Sauter - 2015-03-22

We added a few new plugins as downloads. I just published a new and updated version of my Basic Wordpress to MyBB integration for free here.

If anybody wants to check out the other plugins offered, you're welcome to join the forums.

RE: - Lennart Sauter - 2015-04-28

I added a RPG plugin for MyBB to the site. You can check it out here at Mybb Addons.
Would love to get some feedback on this one.

I also followed Leefishs advice and modified the header links on mobile display a little bit.