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My forum is hacked - NomanProdhan - 2014-10-15

Someone hacked my forum and delete lots of posts and user. I have ruined. Angry  Angry

now I am upload my last backup db but its not working I already edit the inc/config.php file with the db information. Everything is going ok but when I'm trying to visit thread its don't load anything. Please help me. Angel Angel

form url :

Backup is now working. Smile I think that there may some security problem in MyBB 1.8

RE: My forum is hacked - dragonexpert - 2014-10-15

It's probably a plugin that had a security problem. Make sure to change your password and advise everyone else on the staff team, particularly those with ACP access to change their password.

RE: My forum is hacked - NomanProdhan - 2014-10-15

Can you please tell me, how can I know about that plugin ??

RE: My forum is hacked - niere8 - 2014-10-15

What plugins you use?

RE: My forum is hacked - jpninside - 2014-10-15

Yeah, we want to know what are plugins you currently used on your live board

RE: My forum is hacked - xorcide - 2014-10-15

What I generally do is add a pin to my ACP, cover it with a .htpasswd, and chmod the config.php files containing the pin & SQL details so if they get a shell up they can't read it.

Just make sure to search plugins for exploits before installing them.