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massive security issues - Butterball - 2014-11-02

on one particular mybb forum iam involved security app detected nearly 11 privacy security flaws so far today. you see, i really like the forum..and the members/staff..but ive havent told them of my findings yet. iam using cm security btw. the browser iam using is standard internet app built in into my phone. these security issues are a concern to me. shouldnt mybb forums have some kind of security software like site secure?.. this is an ongoing threat. thx

RE: massive security issues - Darth Apple - 2014-11-02

MyBB itself generally has a good security record. I can almost guarantee that they are probably either false positives or due to insecure plugins that are installed. If you are concerned about a specific vulnerability, it is usually advisable to report it directly through private inquiries. Smile

RE: massive security issues - Butterball - 2014-11-02

thx DA