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read/unread icon problem - Michael_vx - 2014-11-22

read/unread icon problem
i made the forum while a go and i find out this problem
every post in sub forums are Unread posts even after i press mark all as read
version 1.8.2
theme the default theme
i tried a few themes but i back to default
template changed
the editor template
changed CSS
global CSS
installed plugins
Simple Audito Video Embeder (2.0)
Country Flag (1.0)
Date of Birth on Registration (1.0)
Mybb Game Library (1.0.0)
key word (0.1)
Thanks (3.9.2)
Users Browsed Topic (1.1.1)
welcome new user topic (1.0)
not active plugins
Add Forum Options (1.0)

RE: read/unread icon problem - Saint Francis - 2014-11-22

Something in your post bits?

You tried unplugging everything?

RE: read/unread icon problem - .m. - 2014-11-22

are you referring to thread status icons (eg.) - they are working fine for me (guest account)

can you clear browser cookies (link is here) & cache (eg. press CTRL + F5 on a subforum) and check again

RE: read/unread icon problem - Michael_vx - 2014-11-22

looks normal now
i think its solved