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$memprofile custom fields error? - metonator - 2014-11-23


i've tested it using 2 preinstalled MyBB (one is localhost and other one is a live site).
Pratically... (lemme make a table):

UserID | ProfileID | Result:
     1    |       1      | true (i am able to retrieve custom fields with print_r() function)
     1    |       2      | false (only mybb_users)
     0    |       2      | false

etc etc (pratically $mybb->user['uid'] == $memprofile['uid'] will return custom fields). Does somebody knows if is MyBB issue or it was planned?

RE: $memprofile custom fields error? - Leefish - 2014-11-24

Confirmed. I had exactly this issue attempting to use {$memprofile['fid1']} and it was only visible to the profile owner.

I also thought that memprofile would return the value for all visitors to the page (at least members only) - but it does not. I am not sure if it is a reported bug.

RE: $memprofile custom fields error? - Destroy666 - 2014-11-24

Well, it's not reported as a bug, you're just using a wrong variable. Should be {$userfields['fid1']}

RE: $memprofile custom fields error? - Leefish - 2014-11-24

Thanks, that is very useful to know; a definite change from 1.6 Smile

RE: $memprofile custom fields error? - metonator - 2014-11-25

Okay. Thanks guys for help. Marked as solved and highlighted best answer as well Big Grin