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Moving messed it up - Saint Francis - 2014-11-28

I just moved hosts because of DDoS attack and it looks like when I moved I messed everything up. My themes don't show, everything is glitchy. Really all I can see is a white background, avatars and topics, which all are unaligned.

RE: Moving messed it up - mmadhankumar - 2014-11-28

open global.css in "Edit in advanced mode" hit save, open your forums and Hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) it....

RE: Moving messed it up - new1 - 2014-11-28

remove your conf.php file in /inc folder, and upload default php file, Remove "lock" file from install folder. now, make sure upgrade your forum, not new installation. Make sure to have backup already.

RE: Moving messed it up - Saint Francis - 2014-11-28

Can;t edit Global CSS the admin cp is messed too

RE: Moving messed it up - new1 - 2014-11-28

follow what i have said, i have moved my website and had same issues,and i was able to fix it. I can help you if you want, to the best of my knowledge.

RE: Moving messed it up - .m. - 2014-11-28

^ I don't believe that is the right solution !
if style sheets are not loading then its cause needs to be investigated.

RE: Moving messed it up - new1 - 2014-11-28

I changed my domain name and hosting account but with the same hoster and had exact issues, but i remember that there was also a plugin issue which was causing it. But i was able to restore my forum to the maximum. Earlier nothing was working like above but after that everything worked. I just do not remember the plugin which was causing the problem.

RE: Moving messed it up - Jones H - 2014-11-28

Open inc/settings.php, search for your old domain, replace with new domain. Log into your ACP, got to the Configuration page, change your Domain there too and save it. (Also change cookie domain)

DO NOT REMOVE THE CONFIG.PHP - that could cause a lot more damage including data loss.

RE: Moving messed it up - new1 - 2014-11-28

@ JonesH : It was me who had that issue and i solved it even changing config.php, more than 4-5 times and i did not lose anything. Its just i had to work hard to bring my forum back, as i was not able to get what to do.

But the above thread poster did not change domain name, he just changed the webhoster. And for data, loss, thats why i added that have your backup first before trying anything to bring forum back correctly.

RE: Moving messed it up - Jones H - 2014-11-28

MyBB uses the config.php to check whether MyBB is installed. You can get your forum running even with removing it, yes, but it's risky. When moving the host (getting new database credentials) you should edit it and add the new ones but not removing it).

However if you look at the code for his site: it tries to load everything from instead of so the board URL is wrong (= domain). So editing the setting.php as said above will fix it. The issue has nothing to do with config.php.

Also if it was a problem with the host/db/config.php you'd see a database error (can't connect to the database).

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