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Add smilies? path changes! - Sozu - 2014-11-28

I go to configuration -> Smilies -> Add Multiple Smilies

I have a folder with emoticons, that is located here on my server: /
As you can see, I don't have it on my main site, I have the forum in a /forum/ folder, like many forums use to have.

Now in the window of the "Add multiple smilies" it asks me for the path, and I been trying out stuffs, but just finding typing this in works: /images/smilies/clean
And, it works in fact, I can see all smilies on next page. The path it shows is the correct one, which is the for example

Problem comes when I save this, then it seems like the /forum/ path suddenly is changed/broken?
Because the link then becomes
you see, the /forum/ doesn't come with it!

How do I fix this?

OK! Now after testing more, I got it!!
The fail is the / I did before images.. didn't think of that at all.
So should be images/smilies/clean