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Downgrade - Zero97 - 12-03-2014


Can I downgrade from 1.8 to 1.6 without a 1.6 database? I merged from vBulletin 4.2.2 without checking that 1.8 is pretty much buggy for me.. It's infuriating. I'm stuck with a board with bugs my members are having trouble with.

Please help out, thanks.

RE: Downgrade - .m. - 12-03-2014

there is no simple method to downgrade MyBB version.

recently when I tested your MyBB forum I have not noticed many bugs. have you checked it
with MyBB's default stock theme or by installing a new theme compatible with MyBB 1.8.x ..

RE: Downgrade - Zero97 - 12-03-2014

I mean by the plugins I need to add, they aren't compatible, and I really like my current theme as it's really flexible and cool, plus it received many positive feedbacks from my visitors.

I don't mind doing this the hard way as long as I don't lose any data.

What is more, the inline moderation DOES NOT work, even if I use the default theme. My moderators are having a hard time doing their work due to this.

RE: Downgrade - .m. - 12-03-2014

^ do you have a list of 1.6 version plugins which should work for your forum
and as it is a premium theme, have you contacted the theme coder - what did he say about updating the theme ?

RE: Downgrade - Zero97 - 12-03-2014

Yeah I do have some I want in my forum, but I don't dare to install in case they cause problems due to compatibility issues. And yes, still waiting for a reply from him.

Any help please?