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user cant login - new1 - 2014-12-07

my user says that he cant login, he is seeing that your account is banned ( ban was already lifted), he changed his browsers, removed cache and even tried to re-register, but cant what could be causing it?

RE: user cant login - Butterball - 2014-12-07

its odd, the one browser i used for your board, iam still banned..but anither browser, i was able to log in..whats causing it to happen

RE: user cant login - Ben - 2014-12-08

It's likely a cache issue. ctrl + f5 multiple times and see if it makes any difference. Also, try clearing your browser cache and cookies.

RE: user cant login - Butterball - 2014-12-08

iam not on pc btw. on mobile only. im not a techie so i cant shed anymore light on this.. isolated incident i of mybb's unsolved mysteries