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Mass mail notification - singleboy - 2014-12-25

Hello! I have made a mass mail notification with message type: send via email today, it was showing me status as delivered after some time, but my users has not received any email from me. Please let me know why is this happened and how do I resolve it?

I am waiting for your reply.

Note: I have setup Zoho Mail Suite for admin email to receive and send emails.

RE: Mass mail notification - geazy - 2014-12-25

ACP -> Tools and Maintenance -> Task Manager.

Does the mass mail task have a blue circle next to it? If it does, run the task manually (click on the clock to the right of the task name). Does the mass mail send then? If the circle is gray then you will need to enable the Mass Mail task and make it run automatically (by default it runs every fifteen minutes).

RE: Mass mail notification - singleboy - 2014-12-25

Thanks issue resolved.