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User search in admin - fylliska - 2015-01-17

Since upgrading to 1.8, searching for users in the admin control panel seems to be problematic. It's not finding email addresses that I know are there. (I'm copying and pasting, so it's not user error.)

If I search for my own email address, I get one result, but I have several accounts using that address.

If I search for other addresses, sometimes I come up with nothing. I've tried whole addresses and parts of addresses and had problems with both.

What could be going on there?

RE: User search in admin - Ad Bakker - 2015-01-17

(2015-01-17, 06:56 PM)fylliska Wrote: Since upgrading to 1.8, searching for users in the admin control panel seems to be problematic.

Isn't that always the case? At least I hope so, users should not be able to search for email addresses of other users, because this is private information.

RE: User search in admin - Destroy666 - 2015-01-18

It's a bug which will be fixed in 1.8.4.

RE: User search in admin - CalleZorro - 2015-02-13

I too have the problem where the admin control panel tells me that a username or email cannot be found when I know it exists.

Interestingly, if I search by username...say if I search for "buck", the system will bring up all the users whose username includes the word "buck"...and then turns around and tells me it can't be found when I select one from the list.  Confused

The other interesting thing is that the system seems to find "old" users just fine...meaning users who have been registered for a few years...but definitely NOT new users who have come into the system in the last several months.  I haven't tried to trace down exactly what the exact threshold between finding and not finding is.

Any idea on when 1.8.4 will be released?

Hopefully, it is soon because this problem is definitely a nuisance.

I appreciate all you guys do.