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Expcolimage in Board Statistic - ratna00 - 2015-01-27

Basically, this is not important but slightly disturbing. In this image --> if I click [-], Board statistic will be slide up. It's work fine.Expcolimage will show [+].
And when I refresh the page with board statistic still slide up, it's work fine too.
The problem is when my cursor pointing to expcolimage after refresh (still slide up), it will show [-] should be to [+].
It's happened in this forum too.

RE: Expcolimage in Board Statistic - Destroy666 - 2015-01-27

Looks like a bug, moved to bug reports and will check it in a local installation later.

RE: Expcolimage in Board Statistic - Starpaul20 - 2015-01-27

I can confirm this on this board, my own board and a localhost test board.

RE: Expcolimage in Board Statistic - Starpaul20 - 2015-01-27


Thank you for your report. We have pushed this issue to our Github repository for further analysis where you can track our commits and progress with fixing this bug. Discussions regarding this bug may also take place there too.

Follow this link to visit the issue on Github:

Thanks for contributing to MyBB!

The MyBB Group