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ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - ForceEight. - 2015-01-27

[Image: fd.png]

ForumDynamic is a new board on the MyBB software platform. We [Starforce, Karinama & myself] would like to bring you a new board that has a mixture type of Graphics and Forum Development. It's an upcoming project we suspect to last for a while with a dedicated staff team so far. We'll be offering a place where you can talk endless about the aspects of [Forum Development], [Graphic Design] and a fun [Community] where many contests will be hosted at. The custom theme will be created by Jamie Watson from ForumThemer

We plan on doing weekly contests with forums, graphics and member to member battles. We're offering a marketplace where you may sell items and services, graphic requests and so on and so forth. We'll be awarding people who show off great quality graphics and win battles among the other Dynamic Members. We're NOT a service board, although there's a small place where you can stick your board URL in.

We're in need of a few staff members, so it's a limited offer. We'll be hiring people for the [Development Panel], [Community Panel] and [Graphics Panel]. Only one staff member per group so far.

Fill in the template below and PM it to me. Smile
[b]Past Usernames:[/b]
[b]Forum Experiences:[/b]
[b]Staff Team applying for:[/b]
[b]Motivation for applying:[/b]

ForumDynamic Team: Starforce, Karinama, ForceEight.

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - ForceEight. - 2015-01-30

Still looking for a community moderator and a graphic staff member! Big Grin

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - ForceEight. - 2015-02-04

Still hiring a community moderator! Smile

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - Livewire - 2015-02-04

What is your forum link lol?

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - ForceEight. - 2015-02-04 Smile

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - Livewire - 2015-02-05

Your forum board is closed so how i my suppose to register??

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - ForceEight. - 2015-02-05

(2015-02-05, 01:00 AM)Root Dalez Wrote: Your forum board is closed so how i my suppose to register??

If you would've read the OP, you'd realize the board is under construction and currently hiring staff. We don't plan to open for another week. By Monday our theme should be finalized and then we need to setup some content for new members to post in, so that will also take a few days. So we'll probably launch the forum not this weekend, but next weekend.

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - ForceEight. - 2015-02-10

Staff applications have closed. We've welcomed Seth as part of the Team. ^_^ More information will be following soon on our opening date and time.

RE: ForumDynamic: Forum/Graphics Development - ForceEight. - 2015-02-14

[Image: attachment.php?aid=10]

Welcome to - a board led by designers and developers for designers and developers. At ForumDynamic we focus on three big things being: Development, Design and Community.

Our Development section has a wide range of topics to post in, discussing the different kinds of development. Forums Development & Management, Community-talk, SEO & Traffic, and Web Design are within this subject. You'll be able to attend some development classes where the staff and co-members will help you setup different languages of codes and more. Find the support you need on coding troubles.

Our Design section is here for random talk about todays trends, old school graphics, from forum prints to web templates to signatures. Everything can be covered in here. And you will be able to find some tutorials in the future helping you understand a specific technique. You'll be able to battle with co-members and as well show off your latest creations. We'll setup some classes from time to time in a LIVE topic where everyone can sign up to and through an online movie and chatroom. All that is coming to a board near you! If you have no knowledge of designing, you can either learn or request from our community.

We're releasing the board on February the 17th. A specific time will be announced later. There will be lots to do in the future on ForumDynamic! We hope to see you there and help with whatever you find troubles with. <3

If you'd like to support us while we're not open yet, below is an overview of small graphics to wear in your signatures.
[Image: FD.png]
[Image: fd2.png]
[Image: fd1.png]

Starforce, Karinama, Force, Mace, Arianna & Seth.