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Mybb Urdu Language Pack - iturdu - 02-03-2015

i have translated Mybb into our own National Language Urdu .
As every body know Mybb official language is English so everyone translate Mybb into their own languages .
So 6 days ago i decided to translate Mybb into our National Language Urdu .

Some Screen Shots are Below :

Control Panel :
[Image: controlpanel.png]

Footer :
[Image: footer.png]

Header :
[Image: header.png]

Postbit :
[Image: postbit.png]

Profile :
[Image: profile.png]

Quick Reply :
[Image: quickreply.png]

You May Download This Package By Clicking On Below Link :
Download Mybb Urdu Language Pack For 1.8.x

Alternate Link : Mybb Urdu Language Pack For 1.8.x
We will Give Support Only on PakForum .

RE: Mybb Urdu Language Pack - mujeebdgk - 02-03-2015

Congratulations !!! and thanks for initiative , well mine translation is almost ready Smile but you made it first well done Smile but improve some translations and then release ... once again many many thanks and Congratulations !!!

RE: Mybb Urdu Language Pack - Mısırga - 01-11-2017

Hi, please change $langinfo['htmllang'] variable. You are using English code. Use your language's ISO 639-1 code.

You can find the code here: