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Issues with search page - amanda_2011 - 2015-02-06

I'm having trouble with the search page, with both the default theme and Square theme. The user avatar doesn't show and neither does the site logo. And I get the message "Loading failed" when I try to insert a user name in the drop-down menu, which means I can't search by user name.

The site logo and user avatar show on all other pages. I have reuploaded search.php, but it didn't help.

Any ideas? Anyone else having this issue? I'm using myBB 1.8.3

RE: Issues with search page - dragonexpert - 2015-02-06

Run the File Verification Tool and report any changed files. Ignore anything in the /install directory. ACP->Tools->File Verification.

RE: Issues with search page - amanda_2011 - 2015-02-07


RE: Issues with search page - .m. - 2015-02-07

provide forum url & a test user account so that someone can check

RE: Issues with search page - amanda_2011 - 2015-02-08

.m., I'll send you a PM with a test account and password.

I'm also having trouble editing user groups. I got the attached error message when I tried to edit a user group as to not show on the member list.