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OUGC Avatar Approval - Omar G. - 2015-02-15

[Image: cover_preview_25096_1585827278_d16ad56a5...0aa254.png]

Allow moderators to manage avatar uploads and updates for approval.

Download from the MyBB Extend page.

Check the official page for more information.

RE: OUGC Avatar Approval - Omar G. - 2020-04-02

Hi, this plugin has been updated to version 1.8.22. Please follow the change log tab in the extend site for more information.

What is new:
  • Fixed a bug where the avatars weren't displayed in the moderation panel.
  • Moderator logs now display the default forum avatar as original image make be unavailable.
  • Minor improvements.

RE: OUGC Avatar Approval - Eldenroot - 2020-04-02

Great plugin, I use it to moderate newly registered unauthorised users Smile +1

RE: OUGC Avatar Approval - Omar G. - 2020-04-02

Thank you @Eldenroot, eventually I could add a prune tool, once more people find a need for that.

RE: OUGC Avatar Approval - Omar G. - 2020-04-03

Hi, I pushed a quick update because I forgot to add the plugin code name. Simply replace old files.

RE: OUGC Avatar Approval - User 135582 - 2020-07-16

hi i test Without your plugins with the last version of mybb and i can upload an Avatar on a Normal member but when i Enabled your plugins and Is ask to download the plugin library i download the version for 1.8 After i can enabled your plugins .. When i try to upload a Picture Now is show me The file upload failed Please Choose a Valid file and try again..

I have Before Go in Admin control panel / Configuration / oug Avatar Aproval I Dont have touch to bypass group/ moderator group

i have change Vote for Aproval for 1
i have change vote For rejection 1

send private message On
myalerts integration on
moderate gallery avatars beta off
Admin Override Off

maximum avatar dimensions


The avatar are less 200 x 200 ..

like Explained is working Before your plugins to upload avatar i have try to Disabled the plugins and is working to upload ..

What is the problems why is block ? the File Type Is jpeg and Is Allowed in the board and the size Is okais is less of the Max limit allowed..

RE: OUGC Avatar Approval - Omar G. - 2020-07-16

Quote:When i try to upload a Picture Now is show me The file upload failed Please Choose a Valid file and try again..

Try updating the directory /uploads/avatars/approval permissions to the same permissions as the /uploads/avatars, which is probably 777.

Please confirm if it works so I add this to the FAQs section of the plugin.

RE: OUGC Avatar Approval - HighRank2267 - 2020-08-09

i Working I have try because same problem Again and again and after set permission is working cool Smile