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Signature help - jcurlz - 2015-02-21

Why is it that the only time I can see my signature on my posts if I go to my signature option in my usercp and click on the "Enable my signature in all of my existing posts." in order to see them on the posts, and then when I post a new thread or what not it not on that one and then i got to go back to the usercp and do it all over again. When I go post the thread it don't give me the option for signature like it does on here.

RE: Signature help - ThemeFreaknet - 2015-02-21

Make sure the permissions are correct for the user group in regards to signature options.

RE: Signature help - Leefish - 2015-02-21

Check your templates - new reply/editpost/newthread.

RE: Signature help - jcurlz - 2015-02-21

(2015-02-21, 08:07 PM)Leefish Wrote: Check your templates - new reply/editpost/newthread.

I had check my permissions and that is find... what am I looking for when i check the templates. im not verygood at coding issues