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1.8.4 can't edit admins - ashkir - 2015-02-22

Trying to edit user... Getting this:

Quote:Sorry, but you cannot perform this action on the specified user as they are a super administrator.

To be able to perform this action, you need to add your user ID to the list of super administrators in inc/config.php.

Here's the inc/config.php
 * Super Administrators
 *  A comma separated list of user IDs who cannot
 *  be edited, deleted or banned in the Admin CP.
 *  The administrator permissions for these users
 *  cannot be altered either.

$config['super_admins'] = '1,34';

We are both marked as super admins. Her ID is #1 mine is #34.

We cannot edit super admins anymore on 1.8.4 this seems to be a regression. Anyone know a fix?

RE: 1.8.4 can't edit admins - mmadhankumar - 2015-02-22

i belive Super Admins are immune to editing by "anyone"....

EDIT: found this in bugs section: