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Forums domain. - michael.b - 2015-03-12

I recently parked my old domain to Hostinger.
I changed my email, DNS records, to the new domain, but I have have no clue on how to change my forum's URL from to new parked domain (which would be

The forums are accessed from the sub domain of I have no sub domain related for yet.
Do I have to recreate the forums on the new subdomain?
I don't wanna ruin everything so I'm asking for advise.

RE: Forums domain. - Crazycat - 2015-03-12


RE: Forums domain. - michael.b - 2015-03-23

Hmm...I'm not switching to other host, just parked a new domain on my current one.

RE: Forums domain. - ThemeFreaknet - 2015-03-23

All you would need to really do is go to:

Home » Board Settings » Site Details

And make sure that the new URL is correct.