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enlarging forum icons? - Goggalor - 2015-04-02

I'm helping someone with a custom theme and I'm kind of learning the new system as I go along. I don't really understand how the "sprite" icons work and she want s the forum icons larger than the ones in the forum_sprite.png allows.

I tried simply making the entire image larger, which works for individual threads in the forums, but the legend at the bottom of the page is messed up.

I can't find the template that is attached to as well (even used page source) as it seems to be "isolated" between the 'forumdisplay_newthread' and the 'forumdisplay_inlinemoderation' templates.

How can I fix this so the image does not look all 'broken' as you see in this attachment?

Is this strictly a CSS issue? What would I need to look for in the style sheets?


RE: enlarging forum icons? - mmadhankumar - 2015-04-03

the thread legend can be found in the "forumdisplay_threadlist" template....

you can edit the css for .thread_legend, .thread_legend dd, and .thread_legend img to fit them in place....

RE: enlarging forum icons? - Goggalor - 2015-04-03

Thanks! Got it.