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First Light 1.8 Theme - Jacen - 2015-04-08

[Image: logomain.png]

Main Page:
The main idea was to create a simplistic, clean and functional white based theme, I've never done work with white before (exept for small projects) as I could never get the colors to contrast nicely I prefere doing dark themed work, however with this, I think it looks quite nice.

[Image: fNgFHSS.png]
[Image: CTOfduV.png]

Just started working on the postbit, wanted to make something a little bit different to normal.

[Image: IJsevA1.png]

It's not finished, may still do some template re-working depending on how I feel and I'll be adding some Social icons somewhere, but there you have it my first light theme, once finished I'll be selling through so contact me if you are interested in a copy. Please let me know what you think as I'd love some opinions from the community.

RE: First Light 1.8 Theme - eNvy - 2015-04-08

I like it, good job, keep going on that =).

RE: First Light 1.8 Theme - mujeebdgk - 2015-04-08

wao looking good Smile keep it up

RE: First Light 1.8 Theme - iturdu - 2015-04-08

Nice Keep it up .

RE: First Light 1.8 Theme - SAEED.M - 2015-04-08

Really Clean and very good.
Good Luck.

RE: First Light 1.8 Theme - Jacen - 2015-04-09

Thanks guys, updated the thread a little.

RE: First Light 1.8 Theme - ArneVD - 2015-08-17

Is there any new information about this? I'd like this theme a lot!

RE: First Light 1.8 Theme - Sixthen - 2017-05-12