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[F] JS Error still happening? - hemi - 2007-03-03

I thought this was fixed last round? I'm putting up 2 screenshots to explain a point. I can re-create this issue also at anytime. To create the 1st issue,
open a post reply up from a current topic, then move the input box up and down using the scrollbar in the reply box. The lines appear when the box moves up and down, as like last time, you can move your curser out of the picture to remove the lines. The second issue is the exact same as we had before that was supposed to be fixed last round I think?
Another funny issue is when I come back from looking at another tab, the lines will go away as in the first picture and only the drop down box accours without any lines, they dissapear once a new problem shows itself. Both of these problems occour when I open a new tab in IE and come back to finish my post.

I use Vista and IE7

RE: JS Error still happening? - MrD. - 2007-03-03

That's a JavaScript error? Usually that happens when your computer or web browser is under high load and can't re-render the page correctly when you move.

Have you tried a different browser, or maybe give us a link to your website.

RE: JS Error still happening? - pepotiger - 2007-03-03

the 1st issue that happent to me sevral times, I was think the problem with my browser (Maxthon)
and the 2nd I've saw something like it, the code buttons was gonna to the left side of the message box, and whene mouse roll over it, it's return back to the right place.

RE: JS Error still happening? - Martin M. - 2007-03-03

I believe Chris fixed this. At least the Text color thingy. Try this attachment please.

RE: JS Error still happening? - hemi - 2007-03-03

Thank you CraKteR, that solved "Both" issues. The first issue with the lines I never seen before until using the tabbed browing deal. So that's a new bug, but the latter is a old bug, so I don't know if this is a duplicate or not?

RE: JS Error still happening? - Martin M. - 2007-03-03

It was fixed for MyBB 1.2.4 and it's not in the fixed archive. So I'll mark it fixed.

RE: [F] JS Error still happening? - Martin M. - 2007-03-03

This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.