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Online test - Dr_The_One - 2015-04-10

I am a doctor. 
I need online test plugin for multiple choice questions for medical faculty. 

In that plugin.. I need

1.I am able to edit mcqs daily. 
2.Permission for which user group can able to access online
3. Mcqs in such a way that... 
-4 to 5 option
-click able select from above options
-after submit next question
- no limitation for number of questions but I can set how many questions in particular test
-end test
-result with explanatory answer to each question. 

If any interested to make it 
Contact me. Modification in plugin will be discussed. 

Thank you

RE: Online test - dragonexpert - 2015-04-10

Sent a PM.

RE: Online test - Dr_The_One - 2015-04-10

Replied Bro... Hope you make it.

RE: Online test - Dr_The_One - 2015-04-14

Any one interested?

RE: Online test - Dr_The_One - 2015-04-23

Bumping... No one interested to make this plugin?

RE: Online test - Dr_The_One - 2015-05-28

anyone interested to make this?

RE: Online test - Dr_The_One - 2015-06-30

Anyone want to develop? i will pay for it.