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Online usercount wrong - patrick - 2015-04-10

I've just installed NGINX on my server (it's proxying the forum's domain to Apache), and for some reason the online user count isn't correct anymore. Any user only sees himself and a few guests.

Any idea why NGINX interferes with the concurrent user count? Any idea how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

RE: Online usercount wrong - ultimate_code - 2015-04-11

That can be Cache issue.

RE: Online usercount wrong - patrick - 2015-04-11

I think it's a proxy issue. A user has contacted my because he was unable to register because his IP had already been used twice in the past 24 hours.

I suppose that MyBB doesn't read the IP behind the local proxy, although that doesn't really explain the unregistered online users (if they share IP, wouldn't there only be a single user?), it does explain everything else.

Also, I've connected before using different users from the same IP (differente browser) and never had any issue.