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Using This Forum - Euan T - 2015-05-18

With development of MyBB 2.0  now well under way, there are a few new structural changes to this forum and the process of suggesting features and enhancements that all users should be aware of. Please ensure you follow these guidelines before posting any threads here.

  1. First of all, check whether the feature you're suggesting is already implemented, planned as a feature, or has already been rejected. This saves you (and us) time!
  2. Please keep feature suggestions on a one-per-thread basis. Massive threads with many features suggested within them are difficult to track and make sense of, and cannot be easily organised.
  3. Please explain your feature request or suggestion thoroughly. One line suggestions like "make X better" are of no help to anybody.
In order to ease the process of posting suggestions and feature requests, we provide an easy to use template for new suggestion threads. Threads using this template have a much higher chance of being acted upon by staff as they make things far more clear. This template is found below.

[size=large][b]Feature Suggestion/Enhancement: {TITLE}[/b][/size]

{brief detail about the new feature or the enhancement}

[b]Expected functionality[/b]

{Explain any expected functionality, how the feature should be accessed, etc. Design ideas are also nice to see, even if done in Paint in 5 minutes.}

[b]Any additional notes[/b]

{Any additional notes about the feature/enhancement - e.g.: "I would like to see a way to easily hook in here to do X..." or usage in other forum scripts}