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Own Point System - DrooL - 2015-05-19

Hi there.

I'm seeking for points system plugin.
This plugin must have own fields and examples for add points for a user. I want to rewarding a players from my clan in game.

Be a good shooter +5 points to user account
Be on top list in match + 10 points to user account
You didn't kill anyone - 10 points of user account


I want to make own examples and peoples who have access to adding this points can add for everybody.

Sorry for my bad english.

Please help me (:

RE: Own Point System - mmadhankumar - 2015-05-20

i think you can achieve this with the NewPoints plugin using its donation feature...

RE: Own Point System - DrooL - 2015-05-20

Yes im think this is it, but probably in this plugin i can't create own examples Sad

RE: Own Point System - Sazze - 2015-05-20

If you use newpoints, you'd have to do this manually through the donation feature.