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My Yahoo Connect ? - motorola30 - 2015-05-21


Is there a plugin for the download?

My Yahoo Connect

A plugin to integrate Yahoo with MyBB, letting users login and register through Yahoo .

RE: My Yahoo Connect ? - .m. - 2015-05-21

see Flyover, MyBB login and registration with 25+ social networks

RE: My Yahoo Connect ? - motorola30 - 2015-05-21

Yahoo Only !

For Example :

RE: My Yahoo Connect ? - Shade - 2015-05-22

Sorry guys Flyover was planned long time ago but I never released it due to my free time being as rare as plutonium. It is out of the beta stages plus it is up to date with the latest SDKs, I hope to release it shortly after my exams which will begin in a week.

I won't develop a single plugin for Yahoo, I am sorry.