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LiteBB ACP Style - User 6029 - 2015-05-28

LiteBB ACP Style v1.0
» About:

This a simple ACP Style for MyBB enthusiasts.

[Image: eggg1.png]

LiteBB ACP Style v1.0

» Installation:

1.) After downloading the ACP Style, unpack it (with 7-Zip for example)
2.) Upload contents of "Upload" into your forums folder.
3.) Go to the Admin Control Panel under Preferences > Global Preferences > Admin Control Panel Theme
4.) Select "LiteBB-ACP" & then press: "Save Personal Notes & Preferences"
5.) Now have fun with your new forum ACP Syle!

LiteBB ACP Style v1.0

» License:

You may not remove or change the MyBB copyright nor the Designed by: "Vintagedaddyo" statements in the footer of this ACP Style's templates. You may use and modify this ACP Style to your personal likings, but redistributing a modified version for download is prohibited, unless you have explicit written permission from "Vintagedaddyo", though you are allowed to redistribute a copy that has not been modified.

LiteBB ACP Style v1.0

» Changelog:


05/27/2015 — ACP Style initial release
05/27/2015 — Updated ACP Style initial Basic ReadMe
05/27/2015 — ACP Style initial creation completion

To Do:*

Add more descriptive commenting
Improve ACP Style ReadMe Documentation
* Improve Main Logo & Login Logo
Clean up any minor styling issues

LiteBB ACP Style v1.0
» Download:

RE: LiteBB ACP Style - Livewire - 2015-05-30

Another dope acp theme Smile Nice work buddy!

RE: LiteBB ACP Style - User 6029 - 2015-05-30

(2015-05-30, 12:38 AM)Limited Edition Wrote: Another dope acp theme Smile Nice work buddy!

Thanks @Limited Edition,  I am glad you like this one also. Again I will be hopefully updating the release package within the next day or so when I get some spare time as there are a few minor things I want to touch up. Smile

RE: LiteBB ACP Style - User 6029 - 2015-11-18

* For users that are still using MyBB 1.6.x but would like to use this ACP style on their 1.6.x ACP.

LiteBB ACP for 1.6.x:

Temp Download link:

RE: LiteBB ACP Style - ruidodemente - 2019-11-06

I can not download. Will it be because I'm new?

RE: LiteBB ACP Style - User 6029 - 2019-11-06

(2019-11-06, 05:12 AM)ruidodemente Wrote: I can not download. Will it be because I'm new?

No, not because you are new, it is because I moved around 170 or so of the last past projects of mine to archive @ * (if viewing on mobile for repository listings switch to the desktop mode on github for easier sorting / pagination)

Though for the pkg you are seeking it would be found here: