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RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - Whiteneo - 2017-04-24

@Sharee go to your style on admincp and open global.css styleshet.

Search for modal and set your preferences, by default is set to 99999 in default theme if i remember fine.

But there you can find it or if you use an script like mobile bootstrap you need to modify in bootstrap style by modal referece.

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - Sharree - 2017-04-25

(2017-04-24, 07:06 PM)Euan T Wrote: Hi,

Unfortunately that z-index is created by the MyBB core modal JavaScript. You might be able to override it in CSS with "!important".

oh nice. Ya using !important worked.

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - rfssjz - 2017-05-03

I apologize if this had already been suggested, but this would be a cool feature:

If someone has a member on ignore, then they won't receive any notifications from them, such as when they were quoted, the ignored member replied to a thread that the ignoring member started, any reputations given aren't notified, a reply by the ignored to a thread that the ignoring subscribed to, and so on. It helps put the mind at ease, as I personally find that there are always loopholes with MyBB's ignore function.

Thank you so much.

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - Euan T - 2017-05-04

Good suggestion, I hadn't thought about handling users on ignore lists, thanks!

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - mshia - 2017-05-07

have no idea how to install it. inc>plugins and copy only those ?

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - .m. - 2017-05-07

^ plugin consists of many files. basically we have to follow the folder structure used in the plugin pack.

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - Euan T - 2017-05-07

Download the zip from here:

Upload "alerts.php" to the root of your forum (next to index.php, forum display.php, etc)
Upload everything in "inc" to the "inc" folder, the contents of "images" to "images", etc.

Upload this file to "inc/plugins/MybbStuff/Core/ClassLoader.php":

Upload PluginLibrary as described here:

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - thelovelyone - 2017-05-12

any eta of the new version?

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - Euan T - 2017-05-12

Whenever I have time to finish it. There have been a few bug fixes on GitHub over the past couple of months, but no new features.

RE: MyAlerts v2.0.2 - unfairest - 2017-05-20

Is it possible to put alerts in a sidebar instead of the popup? I've tried using the template variables but they're not working.