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User Titles? - marcus123 - 2015-06-24

What value shows the user title like when it's empty it takes it from User Titles!

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The query to usertitle only will show a custom title !

RE: User Titles? - Omar G. - 2015-06-24

What have you tried? Assuming you did.

RE: User Titles? - marcus123 - 2015-06-27


doesn't show any titles like you see on postbit!

RE: User Titles? - Ad Bakker - 2015-06-27

When usertitle is set, this is displayed. When usertitle is not set, displaygroup is displayed and when displaygroup is not set, usergroup is displayed.
All other usergroups of a user are stored in additionalgroups as comma seperated group numbers.

RE: User Titles? - marcus123 - 2015-06-27

Any ideas how grab the title from (user titles feature) when the user title is empty and show? Point me in the right direction please?

Where can I find it in the source code so that I can backtrack it?

RE: User Titles? - Ad Bakker - 2015-06-27

I think it must be something like this:

$usergroups_cache = $cache->read('usergroups');
if (trim($user['usertitle']) != '')
	$usertitle = $user['usertitle'];
elseif ($user['displaygroup'] > 0)
	$usertitle = $usergroups_cache[$user['displaygroup']]['usertitle'];
	$usertitle = $usergroups_cache[$user['usergroup']]['usertitle'];

RE: User Titles? - marcus123 - 2015-06-28

Buddy thanks big time +1 The Problem is it reads groups not title!