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Botton problam - RJHAFFI - 2015-06-30

sorry I create new topic in rong place but my problam is that
   today I import a new theme MyBulliten 2.7 in my forum 1.8.5 but I face a problam New topic
   new reply edite quite bottons does not apear
    any body help me

RE: Botton problam - .m. - 2015-06-30

that theme belongs to an ancient version of MyBB and it is not expected to work fine with MyBB 1.8.x

MyBB 1.8.x compatible themes available at Extend section

RE: Botton problam - RJHAFFI - 2015-06-30

any mathed to upgread this

RE: Botton problam - .m. - 2015-06-30

upgrading an old version's theme requires lot of time and efforts. I'd suggest to install & use a compatible theme

RE: Botton problam - RJHAFFI - 2015-06-30

But in other site This theme working fine chak it

abd any mathed to apear this botton