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"no mycode" mycode - Crazycat - 2015-07-08

Hello there,

I'm a little bit lazzy today, so I request that: a plugin to let people write not-interpreted mycode.

I want my users able to write:
Hello [pre][b]people[/b] here[/pre]!
and the MyCode between [pre] and [/pre] won't be converted.

And sure, i don't want a [ code ] tag, I want to have it working as a span, not a block.

If anyone already did this, thanks.
If anyone want to make it, thanks again.
If I do it, thanks to me Smile

RE: "no mycode" mycode - Ad Bakker - 2015-07-08

(2015-07-08, 07:24 PM)Crazycat Wrote: If anyone want to make it, thanks again.

I once made a "noparse" plugin. Please find attached as a zip file.
So MyCode inbetween [noparse] and [/noparse] tags is not parsed.

Please try, I haven't used it for a long time. But it works for 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8

RE: "no mycode" mycode - Crazycat - 2015-07-09

I'll have a look immediately, but it seems to be what I need.
I'll send you any modification I can do in it.

RE: "no mycode" mycode - Ad Bakker - 2015-07-11

Tried it?
I did a small test and the trick still worked for me Smile .