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Staff application mod? - PrivateDonut - 2015-07-23


I was wondering does anyone know where I could get a staff application mod? Such as users can fill out a form in order to apply for staff, and it'll place the application in a certain forum section. I'm running MyBB 1.6.17 Cool

RE: Staff application mod? - .m. - 2015-07-23

you can try using Staff Application plugin

RE: Staff application mod? - PrivateDonut - 2015-07-24

I seen that one when I was looking it up on Google, but it didn't interest me much. But I'm going to download it, and I'll probably edit it a bit to fit my needs. Thank you! Smile

RE: Staff application mod? - .m. - 2015-07-24

^ if you are comfortable in paying for a premium plugin then see Form Manager v2.0 (external link)