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Custom ranks ? - Nightfade - 2015-07-26

Just Wanted To Know If MyBB Supports User ranking like :

l33t and ub3r members on hackforums
Epic,verified,premium members on EpicNPC 
and others

Like If someone has 1000 posts give him some rank ?

And also some ranks need to be purchased to get ranking.

Like on hackforums and EpicNPC Forums

Is it possible ?

And Also can we add images ? Image ranks ?

No Replies ????

I thought This
Was A quick

RE: Custom ranks ? - Destroy666 - 2015-08-01

(2015-07-26, 05:31 PM)Nightfade Wrote: I thought This
Was A quick

It's a voluntary support forum not a "quick forum".

And you kind of answered yourself here:
(2015-07-26, 05:31 PM)Nightfade Wrote: Like on hackforums (...)

Is it possible ?
since hackforums are based on MyBB.

To add images to groups, just go to ACP -> Users & Groups -> Groups -> change Group Image
To set up promotion to a group with 1000 post, configure ACP ->Users & Groups -> Group Promotions -> Add New Promotion
To set up promotion to a group based on paying, use this plugin:

RE: Custom ranks ? - Nightfade - 2015-08-01

LOL Thats not what I meant by Quick Forum I meant That This Was A Quick Replying Forum :/

BTW that hackforums thing was that Like l33t and ub3r images .

Thanks for telling.