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Paying 5$ for easy plugin - zomba - 2015-08-04

I need a plugin in which has to do with the "user group promotions"

I want a requirement to be added stating the following:

"Online time spent last week".

Basically I have a group called "active members. Only users who have been online for more than 5-10 hours/week may have this group upgrade and therefore I want it as a requirement.

This must be made so that IF the users has online time spent less than 5 hours the next week for example (after being upgraded through the system) they will automatically be demoted.

Would also like to add that I will pay more if necessary depending on the complexity of the script.


Please note that I am searching for a plugin maker, so if you are good with making plugins I will constantly be purchasing plugins from you (will need to have you on skype so i can message you there each time I need a plugin).

Ofc I will pay more on each plugin i order depending on their complexity.