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Disable email-sending - wageral - 2015-08-09

I want to disable e-mail possibilities for a selected usergroup. So they can't send PM and email to other members.
Disable the PM is no problem; I just untick 'Can use private messaging' and 'can send private messages' in the 'Edit user group'/'private messaging'-section.

But how can I avoid that they send a email instead to other members? I cannot find a possibility to untick that.
Anyone an idea how to achief this?

RE: Disable email-sending - Ad Bakker - 2015-08-09

It is somewhat hidden:

AdminCP -> Users $Groups -> Choose (click) group name -> Tab Miscellanious

Uncheck: "Can send threads to friends and email users?"

RE: Disable email-sending - wageral - 2015-08-09

Thanks Ad, that's what I'm looking for!

Bedankt Ad, dit zocht ik inderdaad!

Ger (also NL)