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Thread View external links - BaggerHD - 2015-08-13


The thread view is counting if a user click and read a thread. But if I post a link on Twitter or facebook, the thread view does not count thous ppl clicking into the thread from there.

I can see at users online, that for example 20 different ppl is reading the thread.

As I recall, the problem started with 1.8.5
Plugin used:
Portal Announcement Cut Off
Google SEO
Template Conditionals

RE: Thread View external links - BaggerHD - 2015-08-16

no one?

RE: Thread View external links - BaggerHD - 2015-08-27

Problem solved.

Don't know how, but the problem is solved. The only thing I have changed in my forum is updating some language files,,, Have no idea if language files can cause this problem or not.

But now it's counting views opened from facebook or twitter