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Tabbed Menu problem - HydroFog - 2015-08-26

Hello, my current theme works just fine with Tabbed Menu here:

I've gotten this theme:

But now my tabs are broken. They are just displaying no content (besides the first tab, but it only loads like half the content of the page, it's weird).

Any idea why?

Things I've tried: Deactivating and reactivating plugin. Uninstall and reinstall plugin (redo everything from scratch).

First tab (only loading half stuff):

[Image: C8HMIfN.png]

Then any other tab is this:

[Image: 2oBTkqB.png]

RE: Tabbed Menu problem - .m. - 2015-08-26

please see support eligibility policy

support is denied for your forum. you may post your defense at private inquiries section