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RE: Reputation for Trading - dragonexpert - 2015-09-06

You need to put { and } around variables.

RE: Reputation for Trading - liisyaoron - 2015-09-06

(2015-09-06, 02:11 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: You need to put { and } around variables.

I already tried using (code below) before I posted but the parse error is still there:

{ $post['repcount']  $post['posreps']  $post['neutreps']  $post['negreps'] }
{ $post['repcount']  $post['posreps']  $post['neutreps']  $post['negreps']; }

RE: Reputation for Trading - Boonie - 2015-09-06

{$post['repcount']}  {$post['posreps']}  {$post['neutreps']}  {$post['negreps']}

RE: Reputation for Trading - Leefish - 2015-09-06

I dont know what you are trying to achieve, but here is the code Iposted:

<div>Feedback <span style="color:green"><strong>{$post['posreps']}</strong></span> / <span style="color:black"><strong>{$post['neutreps']}</strong></span> / <span style="color:red"><strong>{$post['negreps']}</strong></span></div>

See the variables? {$post['posreps']} etc

Re the conditional, that is the code I use on DFS. There are no settings etc in the plugin; like I said, post on github etc. You can do all the things you want using template conditionals; if you want that added to the plugin then github issue please.

RE: Reputation for Trading - liisyaoron - 2015-09-06

(2015-09-06, 02:22 PM)thexshadow Wrote:
{$post['repcount']}  {$post['posreps']}  {$post['neutreps']}  {$post['negreps']}

For some reason that worked now, I used that before (without spaces on the first and last bracket) and it threw a "A potential security issue was found in the template. Please review your changes or contact the MyBB Group for support." but now that I've tried it again, it was ok. Thanks!

Now, I just have to know how to get rid of the parse error for the other one.

RE: Reputation for Trading - Nelson Ortiz - 2015-12-11

I could tell which is the counter variable feed to place in the postbit...

PD: srry, i dont speak english very well.......!!