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Quick Reply doesn't work. - Michael83 - 2015-09-13

Hey guys i'm having some issues with my quick reply function. I've done the 1.8 update last night and i've lost my quick reply function in the footer and in posts. I've installed using CKEditor (1.0.0) in my new 1.8 version and doesn't even work, same problem with Quick Advanced Editor (6.1.2), i've got a blank space in here. My forum templates is build in a free MySkins Theme wich was released like 2 years ago.

[Image: CH1KO39.png]

In my old version i was using the quick reply by clicking on "edit" and now, clicking on edit just direct me to the complete edit page.

[Image: 18VAosF.png]

Was using Quick Reply Form by Phenomenon on my last 1.6 forum but now can't even use it because it's not working anymore on this new mybb version. Thank you in advance and tell me if you need more infos, here's my forum link : Sorry for my bad english, i'm french Big Grin

Advanced Quick Reply Form (1.0.3)
This plugin adds the MyCode Editor and the Smilie Inserter to the Quick Reply form.
Créé par Phenomenon

RE: Quick Reply doesn't work. - Leefish - 2015-09-13

You updated from 1.6 to 1.8? You need to check the changed templates - not just header include, but almost every page that includes javascript will need to be updated.

RE: Quick Reply doesn't work. - Michael83 - 2015-09-14

I think they all was updated with the 1.8 package

RE: Quick Reply doesn't work. - Leefish - 2015-09-15

If your theme has changes to templates that are affected in an upgrade then those templates will not be updated and you have to change them yourself.

RE: Quick Reply doesn't work. - The Wolf of wall street - 2015-09-15

i have the same problem now and we didn't update our template as we already have 1.8 !

RE: Quick Reply doesn't work. - Leefish - 2015-09-15

@The Wolf etc - then you dont have the same problem - you have the same symptom. Create your own thread.