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Thread Rating format is messed up. - Paladynne - 2015-10-18


I couldn't find this error through Google. So I'm asking here now.

The thread rating format is messed up, and I'm not sure why, as I haven't edited anything relating to it, that I know of.

Here's some screenshots:

[Image: ZDe0zbO.png]
[Image: DoTz5xf.png]

This is not specific to this theme. I switched to another theme I had installed and it too had this error. I've also swapped to the default theme, the error persists.

I didn't mess with any theme/template settings prior or after this format error. Any ideas what's wrong?

RE: Thread Rating format is messed up. - sneak - 2016-10-04

I also have this issue. I thought it was a custom theme responsible at first but I switched back to default theme and the problem still exists.

I have no plugins installed. It's a basic installation of MyBB.