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Cookies Issue (Won't Recognize Subfolder) - creationliberty - 2015-10-23

I had recently posted about a 500 ISE, which I realize was partially fixed by going into the index.php code and directly adding in a "/forum/" directory, which I now realize should have been automatically done for me on the install, but it didn't. I uninstalled, and reinstalled it again to the same "/forum/" subfolder (SEE SCREENSHOT IMAGE ATTACHMENT) -- result was another 500 ISE. This time, I found the forum settings that allows you to setup the cookies. I made sure everything was setup with the "/forum/" directory, and I'm still getting the 500 ISE.

If I physically go into the index.php file, none of the directories read with "/forum/" in them, which leads me to believe this is a coding issue on the creator's part; because if I physically add in "/forum/" to the directory on the "require_once dirname" function, when I go to the site, I get a username/password login page similar to the admin login page.

The bottom line is that the cookies/URL settings are not working for me at all. Either there is something I'm not understanding about those settings, I would be ecstatic for someone to point me in the right direction of where to go to get more details, or something else is wrong in the coding that is not properly redirecting it to the right subfolder.

It seems others here are not having the same problem because they're using direct domains instead of subfolders. Any help is highly appreciate, thank you. (If I can't get this to work, I guess I'll have to try phpBB.)