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Users & Groups Missing in ACP - KingdomScythe - 11-18-2015

Description of the Problem
When in my [new] forum, with a fresh install of MyBB 1.8.6, upon entering the ACP I come across no Users & Groups tab in the navigation menu. After various meager attempts to fix the problem myself, and searching various other posts related to the problem, I cannot find a viable way to fix this.

Things I've Attempted to Fix the Problem
  • Replacing the users folder.
  • Disabling any plugin available.
  • Different Browser (Was in Chrome, Switched to IE).
  • Re-uploading MyBB 1.8.6 completely.
URL of the Problematic Page
In General

Test Account Information
As I cannot really make a Test Account for this, as the problematic pages are needed to do so. If a MyBB Team Member will message me, I can give them my personal account's information.

General View of Problem
[Image: CBfgQZF.png?1]

The Sidebar of Users & Groups
[Image: fLH4WGB.png?1]

When in Users & Groups through Forcing its URL, Options of Users
[Image: 3JUGVWO.png?1]

EDIT: I did a File Verification to discover that the install I had attempted to do both times, did not download all the requisite files. After downloading it about (4) times and manually checking for all files, it finally works.

RE: Users & Groups Missing in ACP - Qiao - 11-19-2015

maybe something with language files? chek all files are here and set it to default english if you use other language