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Custom Ficons - ChilledStorm - 11-21-2015

Hi all!

I've searched and read all similar type posts on here but none seem to answer my specific question.

I want a custom ficon for each forum but i want to keep the read/unread (on/off) icon.

I did this when using 1.6 but now with 1.8, it seems different in the code.

I don't want to use Font-Awesome, I want to specify the image used.

So, I want to add a custom ficon image where the pink line is:


So it looks like this (image from another of my sites but running 1.6)


We are running 1.8.6 and the Vienna theme. We're at

Thanks all.


RE: Custom Ficons - Ashley1 - 11-21-2015

In forumbit_depth2_forum

You can add

<td style="width:1;"><img src="images/ficons/{$forum['fid']}.png"></td>

after the first <td>...</td> which contains the on/off icon

Then create a folder called ficons below images on your server, and name the ficons 1.png, 2.png etc

RE: Custom Ficons - ChilledStorm - 11-21-2015


Almost worked but has sent the forum titles all over the place!


RE: Custom Ficons - Ashley1 - 11-21-2015

This works. You have to remember you are changing your table by 1 <td></td>, so you have to look through all your forumbit and forumdisplay templates and make a corresponding change to accommodate the new layout. I don't have all the places which need changing at hand. Where you have colspan ="3" you may have to put colspan ="4" etc.

RE: Custom Ficons - ChilledStorm - 11-21-2015

Thanks Ashley1

They appear when the theme enters a responsive mode (e.g.) when viewing on a phone.

Is there a way of these disappearing when viewed on a smaller screen?

RE: Custom Ficons - Ashley1 - 11-21-2015

What appears on a smaller screen ?

The method i gave will work for a responsive theme, you may have to set width and height attributes on the <img> tag above if your ficons are all the same width and height, otherwise you have to size the ficons themselves to ensure that they don't appear too big on screen.

RE: Custom Ficons - ChilledStorm - 11-21-2015

With your method, the ficons still appear on a smaller mobile screen.

I want them to disappear when responsive.

I.E. They only show when someone is viewing full screen on a PC browser, NOT when viewing on a phone / tablet.

Hope that makes sense?


RE: Custom Ficons - Ashley1 - 11-21-2015

It's supposed to appear on smaller screens. If you want them to disappear you will have to use a different technique. If you want to resize them or make them responsive, specify dimensions in percentages instead of px.