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forum permission problem - nimasdj - 2015-12-16

1. After update to latest version, when I try to edit forum permissions, I get redirected to a blank page as


but if I try to reach directly to that link to check what is there, I see a weired permission form. I understand that link should be called by Ajax and I should not get redirected there, right? so how to fix it?

2. Is it compatible still with latest version?
I tried it to create a user account and it seems it works fine, in Login method I did set "Both Username and Email",
but with the account created by that script, I cannot login with username but only with email. what might be the problem? Is there any particular field inĀ users table to allow them to login only with email and not by username? or what?

3. And "Tooltip preview" and "Email admin for new members" plugins are available for this new version?

Any advice yet after 1 day?