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How do i translate? - D34DM4N - 2016-01-22

I installed theme called "Axis" and i dont get it.. i have set my default language to estonian but if i go to the page this is not translate all:[Image: KxUr2VN.png]
home is in english and "More" is in english
How do i translate them too?
btw my page is

RE: How do i translate? - Blackbeard - 2016-01-22

you need to change their names by yourself on templates & style -> templates -> axis templates -> header templates -> header.

RE: How do i translate? - Cool-Knight - 2016-01-22

To have better changing their words for each. go to: /admin/index.php?module=config-languages
this is how you change it from: English to: w.e languages u need. (takes forever!) lol

RE: How do i translate? - hiroes - 2016-01-22

btw your page not work Smile